About PawfectFood.com

PawfectFood.com is your friendly neighborhood dog website which talks about everything related to dog nutrition.

We go above and beyond to test dog foods, properly review them, and present you with a detailed article about what to feed your dog and nourish him/her.

Started in April 2018, we have reviewed several top dog food brands till the date. We don’t accept paid advertising. So be carefree that all the information shared on this blog is highly-researched and based on our own experience.

We strive for improvements and would love if our readers can share some tips and suggestions to improve the blog quality.

Enough of the site, who’s behind this awesome blog?

PawfectFood About Page

PawfectFood.com is nothing without our hardworking and trusty four-legged team members – Ash and Almond – responsible for reviewing the dog food products and sharing about their honest experience i.e. kicking the bowl, leaving the meal unfinished, licking the bowl clean, etc.

Honestly, they both do all the work involved while we humans, just sit here and watch them take actions. Once they’ve reviewed the product, we take the notes and write a human-friendly article about it and try to reach out to other dog parents like you.


Ash is the elder brother of almond and the one who rules the house (and this website) He is a 6-year old pug, weighing around 7 LBS and a very stiff attitude.

When it comes to food, he has to be one of the pickiest eaters and prefers human-grade food over kibbles and other canned dog foods.

However, he is also the one not afraid of cameras. In fact, he loves to be on the camera and gives the cutest reaction to melt our hearts away (as if those puppy eyes weren’t enough)


Almond is the younger sister of Ash and the calmer one. She is a 4 and 1/2 years old pug, weighing 6 LBS at present date.

Although they both share a unique bond, Almond prefer to be undisturbed and live life her own way. Unlike other younger siblings, she is not the one with all mischievous activities under her sleeves.

One common thing she shares with Ash is her eating habit. Although not as picky, she prefers to change her diet after every 3-4 weeks leaving us confused about what to order next (and save the bowl from getting kicked)

Why We Started When There are Thousands of Other Dog Blogs?

Because we believe we can make a change.

With the strange behavior and food choices of our beloved dogs, we’ve got a lot of experience regarding the dog food industry and now we almost know what works and what should be avoided.

PawfectFood is our honest attempt to create a dedicated site in Dog Food niche where you can get answers to all your questions with facts backed research.

So, if you want your dog to woof better and stay healthy, browse our site and see what to feed and what to avoid.

Have a happy time browsing our site. Enjoy and don’t forget to introduce us to your little fellow. Follow us on our social media channels to stay updated.

Woof, woof. Oh, I mean, good luck 🙂

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